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Magic Stone Flexi Stone-Carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship and help Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

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Magic Stone Flexi Stone-Carry Forward the Spirit of Craftsmanship and Help Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

  July and August are the time when Zhuhai rains frequently. There is a Baoxing Road in Hengqin New District, which successfully achieves rain and sewage diversion and ecological drainage through recessed green belts, grass ditch, and new gully. In the six years since it was built, Baoxing Road has changed its former “waterway” condition during heavy rains, and has successfully avoided the phenomenon of “heavy rain and flooding streets”.

  What is less known is that there is also a Haojiang Road that has been basically constructed in Hengqin New District, and its ecological drainage function is above Baoxing Road. The reporter visited the scene and found that the road on Haojiang Road was "high in the middle and low on both sides". Walking on the road, there was a purification pond every few meters on the green belt beside the road, and two square channels were opened on both sides of the purification pond. When rainwater forms runoff on the road, it flows into the purification tank, and then flows into the ecological grass ditch beside the sidewalk through the underground pipeline. There is a seepage well overflow pipe in the grass ditch, and excess rainwater can be discharged into the municipal pipe network through it to achieve rainwater infiltration and Regulate storage and consumption, thus forming a complete sponge circulation system.

  Behind these projects, the concept and practice of building a sponge city in Hengqin New District are embodied. In recent years, Hengqin New District has vigorously promoted the construction of sponge city, planning first, highlighting key points, using Tianmu River flood control and landscape engineering, Haojiang Road sponge city construction, Xiangyang Village old village renovation project, and camping paradise phase I sponge city renovation. The project is the supporting point, based on the pilot area with a total area of 20.06 square kilometers, and strives to create a spatial pattern of "landscape as the base, blue and green corridors, and multi-point mosaic", and strive to achieve "no waterlogging in heavy rain, no black and odorous water, and mass The goal is to build an island-type ecological sponge city with Hengqin characteristics.

  Premier Li Keqiang once pointed out, "Promote the construction of sponge cities, so that the city has both'face' and more'littleness'."

  Zhuhai was identified as the second batch of sponge city pilot cities in the country in 2016, and Hengqin New District was regarded as one of the sponge city pilot areas in Zhuhai City.

  Hengqin New District is located on the west bank of the Pearl River estuary, with a total area of 114.65 square kilometers and a coastline of about 76 kilometers. It is the largest of the 146 islands in Zhuhai. There are two major mountains in the jurisdiction, Dahengqin Mountain to the south and Xiaohengqin Mountain to the north. The terrain tends to trend from southeast to northwest, with an average elevation of 45 meters. The water network is densely covered in the area. Tianmu River runs east-west across Hengqin Island, with 18 flood drainage canals connected on both sides. The Erjingwan Wetland and Mangzhou Wetland are used for ecological protection.

In order to promote the construction of sponge cities, Hengqin New District strictly follows the "Special Plan for Sponge City of Zhuhai (2015-2020)", and has successively issued the "Special Plan for the Construction of Pilot    Areas for Sponge City Pilot Construction in Hengqin New District, Zhuhai" and "Hengqin New District, Zhuhai City" (Main Island) Sponge City Construction Special Plan (2017-2035)" "Hengqin New Area Eco-Island Construction Master Plan" "Hengqin New Area Eco-Island Construction Master Plan" and other documents, coordinate the construction of sponge cities in the whole district from the policy planning level, and clarify The requirements for the construction of sponge city in Hengqin New Area have clearly stipulated various planning indicators for the construction of sponge city.

  Highlight key points: model projects highlight actual construction results

  Focusing on the systematic and contiguous effects of sponge city construction, Hengqin New District will extend its jurisdiction to the east of Huandao East Road-Huandao North Road-Wanli East Road-Yiwen Erdao Line 1 in the east, to the first ridge line of Da Hengqin Mountain in the south and west The area to Modaomen Waterway and to Huandao North Road-Guifeng Road-Qinhai North Road is set as a pilot area for the construction of sponge city in Hengqin New Area, with a total area of 20.06 square kilometers, and has passed the “point-line-surface-pilot” Implementation of the promotion work based on the district-wide" idea.

  Specifically, the Hengqin New District selected 4 model projects as support points, namely, the Tianmu River flood control and landscape engineering for ecological shoreline parks, the construction of Haojiang Road sponge city for municipal roads, and the Xiangyang for the reconstruction of villages. The village renovation project and the first phase of the sponge city renovation of social investment camping parks basically include all the types of construction projects and ecological environment types in the Hengqin New District. The current progress is rapid and the results are obvious.

  Through the construction of 4 model projects in the early stage, Hengqin New District will build the surrounding road pipe network and flood drainage projects around 4 model project "support points", and use these projects as "lines" to connect surrounding projects. , "Weaving threads as nets, and nets as surfaces", forming a contiguous effect, and finally gradually advancing to the pilot area and the new area.

  Spatial pattern: landscape as the base, blue and green corridor, multi-point mosaic

  To build a sponge city, there must be a "sponge body." "Landscape as the base, blue and green corridors, and multi-point mosaics" is the spatial pattern proposed by Hengqin New District for building a sponge city.

With mountains and rivers as the base, a sponge ecological matrix represented by Da Hengqin Mountain and Xiao Hengqin Mountain, Erjing Bay Wetland and Mangzhou Wetland will be built. Sponge ecological matrix refers to sponge elements with a large area and good connectivity, including mountains covering various natural and artificial vegetation, large areas of water and wetlands. Sponge ecological matrix plays an important role in water and soil conservation, carbon fixation and oxygen release, water conservation, pollution degradation and other functions in the region.

  The blue-green corridor is a sponge ecological corridor represented by the ecological corridor of the Tianmu River water system and the ecological corridor of the Hengqin green space system. Sponge ecological corridors refer to linear or banded sponge elements that are different from the surrounding sponge matrix, including linear or banded water corridors, traffic corridors, etc.

Multi-point mosaic, that is, the construction of sponge ecological patches including Beizuishan Park, Nongchao Park, Central Industrial Park, Shangniujiao Reservoir, Tuanjie Reservoir, etc. Sponge ecological patches are distributed in a "dot" shape, which is to maintain landscape connectivity, collect water and ventilate at a small area level, improve the microclimate, and provide a carrier for citizens to rest destinations, including various urban green spaces, reservoirs and ecological land.

  Construction goals: no waterlogging due to heavy rain, no black and smelly water body, and gains for the masses

  The construction of a sponge city is an engineering project promoted by the state as a whole, and it also meets the current needs of urban development.

  According to the "Special Plan for the Construction of Sponge City in Hengqin New District (Main Island) of Zhuhai City (2017-2035)", the overall goal of the construction of sponge city in Hengqin New District is to adopt reasonable protection, control and low-impact development, combined with meteorological, hydrological, and With regional characteristics, Hengqin New District will be built into an ecological coastal new city with water safety guarantee, water environment-friendly, and water resource conservation, making Hengqin New District a model of sponge city construction in the whole city and even the whole province.

  Specifically, by 2020, the total annual runoff control rate of the Hengqin New Area to be built is 70%, the annual runoff pollutant reduction rate is 50%, the water quality compliance rate of the water function area meets the requirements of surface water environmental function zoning, urban drainage The waterlogging prevention standard has reached a 50-year event, and the urban flood (tide) standard is a 100-year event. The urban rainstorm waterlogging point is eliminated, that is, the construction goal of "no waterlogging in heavy rain, no black and odorous water, and gain for the masses" is achieved.


Sample project

Sponge city pilot project highlights

Villagers in Xiangyang Village benefited from "Butterfly Change"

The ongoing renovation of the Magic Stone Flexi Stone exterior wall:


  As one of the model projects of sponge city construction in Hengqin New Area, the reporter visited Xiangyang Village, which is undergoing the sponge city renovation project, on August 23.

  As soon as you walk into Xiangyang Village in the Sponge City Demonstration Zone of Hengqin New Area, you will see a beautiful ecological wet pond. Several water lilies in the pond are still blooming against the green grass on the shore. The red wood on the roadside The plank road surrounds the entire wet pond.



Magic Stone Flexi Stone Renews Xiangyang Village

Magic Stone Flexi Stone Customized Product: Crystal Sandstone & Ecological Split Brick

  The main road of Xiangyang Village on the north side of the wet pond has been paved with a brand-new asphalt road. On the side of the road, facilities such as rain garden, parking lot, grass ditch, and green buffer zone have been set up. If you look closely, there is a 20-centimeter-long opening every few meters in the road. “When it rains, water from the ground area can flow downstream to the greening facilities through this opening, and then be buffered and discharged into the ecological wet pond.” Sponge City Construction in Hengqin New Area Xia Yufei, head of the technical team of the Special Leading Group Office, said that this not only reduces the road surface water, but also reduces the pressure on the rainwater pipe network at the peak of the rainstorm, thereby reducing the pressure of flood drainage in the village.

  In the village, the improvement of the village living environment in line with the sponge city renovation project is also in full swing. The construction of circular trails, greening scenic spots, landscape sketches, the establishment of rain and sewage diversion construction areas, and the installation of permeable paving of roadways in the village... A series of measures are improving The overall landscape environment of Xiangyang Village.

  Xiangyang Village is backed by the southern foot of Xiaohengqin Mountain, and it is particularly important to comb the mountain runoff. At present, the Hengqin New District has initiated the construction of mountain greenways in the Xiaohengqin Mountain area. The greenways surrounding the Xiangyang Village area at the southern foot of the Xiaohengqin Mountain are expected to be completed in April 2019. In addition, Xiangyang Village's flood interception ditch and surrounding flood drainage canal projects are also under construction and dredging.

In addition, Xiangyang Village is also equipped with a mobile pumping station. In the event of extreme weather or water level support and high water level in front of Xiangyang Village, temporary pumping stations can be used to force the village flood to be discharged to the drainage channel outside the village, effectively mitigating flooding disasters .

  Looking at the now-changing Xiangyang Village, it is hard to think of the former village houses. It is understood that Xiangyang Village suffered multiple flooding disasters in 2014 and 2015 due to the destruction of the original flood discharge system due to the construction of surrounding cities. The former Xiangyang Village pond water body turbidity, chromaticity and other sensory indicators were poor. In August of this year, there were heavy rains in our city many times, and there was no flooding disaster in Xiangyang Village. Nowadays, green lotus trees, frangipanis, longan trees and other vegetation have been planted at the head and tail of Xiangyang Village, and the village's waterlogging problem has been solved. "The current Xiangyang Village is a'peach blossom source' with clear water and green banks and birds gathering together! "A villager said with a smile.

  Perhaps Xiangyang Village has not yet achieved a comprehensive "gorgeous transformation", but gratifying changes are happening bit by bit. At present, the first phase of the Xiangyang Village Sponge City Reconstruction Project has been completed, and the second phase of the project has also started. It is expected to be completed in December this year.

Magic Stone Flexi Stone-Carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship and help Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
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