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With flexi stone for decoration, Would you still choose heavy tiles?

Author:佛山市魔法石环保建材有限公司 Click: Time:2021-01-07 13:28:49

In the past two years, major decoration markets have been occupied by a new type of decoration material called Flexi stone. Many consumers and owners find it particularly new. A majority of customers have already started to install and use, and another part of customers are still waiting and investigating. What is Flexi stone? Where are the advantages? Where is it suitable for use? What is the difference with traditional decoration materials? What should we pay attention to when choosing Flexi stone? Let me introduce to you.

Flexi Stone is a new type of interior and exterior wall facing material that is specially processed with inorganic materials as the main substrate and high-molecular polymer. Because its color, structure, and shape can be adjusted according to user requirements, through different surface structures, the size and color of the facing bricks, the decoration materials inside and outside the building become more colorful. It is a recyclable ceramic tile, which is returned to soil after recycling, very good in terms of sustainable development and green decoration. Due to its technology and composition, flexi stone can save up to 80% of losses. The quality is stable, the brick is light and thin, the transportation cost is also low, and the price is very affordable.

The biggest advantage of flexi products over traditional tiles is its toughness. Tiles give us the feeling of being cold, fragile, hard, and distant. The flexi stone is not only flexible and can be bent, but also soft and thin. Compared with wooden floors, various wall panels, wallpaper and other decorative materials, our flexi stone also has fire-retardant functions. It is suitable for school exterior walls, hospital exterior walls, residential exterior walls, etc. The another advantage is safety;Because the material itself is relatively light and thin, the thickness is only about 3MM, and the weight is 1/25 of ceramic tile, No falling.

With flexi stone for decoration, Would you still choose heavy tiles?
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