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What is flexi stone? With the name of porcelain, very different from brick

Author:佛山市魔法石环保建材有限公司 Click: Time:2021-01-07 13:26:21

What is flexi stone? With the name of porcelain, very different from brick

Nowadays, living standards have improved, science and technology are also advancing rapidly, and many new materials have appeared in our decoration materials. The construction industry is not lagging behind. It is developing rapidly. The materials for our floors and walls are also becoming more and more advanced. From ceramic tiles, cement bricks to today’s flexi stone, great changes have taken place, and it has also brings us life with convenience and benefits.

Product Advantage

1. Thin and light

Each piece is only 2-4mm thickness, with just 3-6 kg/weight, making it easy to install, and can be securely affixed with minimal adhesive all translating into great savings on transportation cost !

2. Flexible and curvable

It can withstand lateral pulls and cracking forces. It also have an extra edge when applied over joints between separate panels or wrap-over round columns. 

3. Breathable

Allowing the building to breath freely thereby achieving an ecological & healthier living environment.

4. Odorless & Moisture resistance

With its Mould-Resistant, Damp-Resistance & Moisture Absorbing characteristics, it will be a blessing to counter high humidity climates...... 

5. Class A fireproof

Compliance with National A2 class fireproof standard for flexible material

6. Superb Expression

The amazing appearance and quality of MCM products made from mixing of the inherent colors of Modified Clay is able to recreate the unique features and characteristics of natural stone, woods, bricks, metal & leather: creativity is the only limits.

7. Self-cleaning & Stain-Resistant

With its neutral properties dust would not cling onto its surface and will be washed down whenever it rains.

8. Freeze-thaw Resistant

There is no appearance of surface powderising, cracks or scaling after more than 100 freeze-thaw cycle. 

9. Durable

Can withstand 3500h aging accelerated test that is equivalent to outdoor life expectancy of 50 years.

10. Water, Acid & Alkaline Resistant  

Will not deform or damage when immersed in water, acid or alkali solutions.

11. Recyclable

Can be kept away from rubbish dump for Recycle & Reuse, or revert back as ordinary soil for cultivation.

What is flexi stone? With the name of porcelain, very different from brick
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