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The difference between flexi stone and ceramic tiles

Author:佛山市魔法石环保建材有限公司 Click: Time:2021-01-07 13:25:34

#Flexi stone and ceramic tiles#

The nature is different: flexi products are flexible product that can be bent substantially, and ceramic tile is an inflexible product.

Self-cleaning methods are different: the surface of flexi products does not contain static electricity, and dust is not easy to adhere to the surface of the product; ceramic tiles are difficult to adhere to dust through the smoothness of the vitrified glaze, but the dust with static electricity is not easy to be washed away by rain after being absorbed.

Water absorption requirements are different: Excellent flexi products is a breathable ecological material with a water absorption rate of 8%-14%. The water absorption rate is too low will affect its air permeability and self-breathing performance, thereby affecting the durability of the building exterior Performance and the comfort of the building space; too high water absorption will affect the water resistance and surface impact resistance of the product. Ceramic tiles are traditional vitrified materials, with a water absorption rate of 2%-3%, the best quality. Too high water absorption rate will affect its self-cleaning performance. The lower the water absorption rate, the more difficult it is to produce.

Different performance effects: flexi products pursues natural texture, product lines and colors are proud of the pursuit of natural effects, and its simple method is to cast natural materials as molds. Traditional ceramic tiles are produced in modules, so the surface patterns are the same and the colors are consistent.

The principle of surface wear/scratch resistance is different: flexi product is a flexible material, which can be bent at 60 degrees, but cannot be folded in half at 90 degrees. After pasting, its impact resistance is more than one hundred times that of tiles after pasting, but it cannot resist sharp objects. The daily cleaning of flexi products can be washed with water, and solvents cannot be used. Ceramic tiles are vitrified products, fragile, but resistant to scratching by sharp objects, usually washed with water, easy to clean, and solvent resistant.

The difference between flexi stone and ceramic tiles
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