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Why can't flexi stone become popular? The unkown story behind flexi stone

Author:佛山市魔法石环保建材有限公司 Click: Time:2021-01-07 13:24:17

Flexi product is soft, super flexible, and lighter quality, high simulation, high flexibility, reasonable price, and many other advantages gathered, therefore more and more customers like it, but why hasn't it been popular for so many years? Maybe many people are not very clear about the difference between flexi products and traditional ceramics.Just have a look.

Main Difference:

1. Compared with traditional ceramic tiles, the texture of flexi products tiles is light, thin and soft. When traditional ceramic tiles are scratched by sharp objects, the scratches not only affect the appearance, but also more troublesome to repair;

2. The air permeability is not as good as that of ceramic tiles. It is easy to produce water vapor under long-term exposure in the later using, and it will condense and evaporate continuously between the wall and the soft porcelain for a long time; If the ceramics tile is pasted on the wall, there will be a risk of falling off;p

3.  Although the price of flexi products is slightly higher than that of paint and ceramic tiles, the comprehensive price is much more lower. The transportation cost, installation cost and the maintenance cost is much more lower than that of ceramic tiles.

Nowadays, it has entered an era of manifesting individuality, and there is no exception in residential consumption. In order to satisfy people's increasing individualized demand for residential consumption, building materials product suppliers, especially decoration building materials product suppliers, are required to have flexible production capabilities. 

Why can't flexi stone become popular? The unkown story behind flexi stone
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